Is it normal for a house not to have gutters?

It may seem strange to see a house without gutters, but from time to time you may run into one. In fact, whether your house really needs gutters depends on the construction of the house, where it is located, and whether your home has water-related problems. For many homes, not having gutters can cause a lot of problems. For others, it makes no difference.

It all depends on factors such as the construction of your house, the location of your home, and the types of water-related problems your home experiences. Homes built with proper leveling or on high ground may not need gutters. However, if your home doesn't have good drainage or leveling, you may need a gutter system to prevent erosion. Over time, the uneven surface extends to the base.

You may notice that foundations settle, uneven floors, or cracked walls cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs. First of all, not every home needs a gutter system. If you live in an arid climate and don't experience periods of heavy rain, it may not be necessary. However, most homes need a good gutter system to collect stormwater that falls on the roof and away from the house to avoid damaging the structure of the house and to protect the foundation, entrance and sidewalk from accumulating water on the sides of the house.

And who wants to have to regularly clean clogged gutters if they don't need to? Here in New England, most homes and barns don't have gutters. Not only is soil conducive to great drainage, but snow and ice from roofs also tend to tear gutters out of structures when they slip and fall from roofs. Gutters tend not to be ideal in New England for those two reasons. Gutters are necessary in most cases.

However, if you want to know whether or not your new construction or home improvement project requires gutters, consider the property's landscape features, climate, cantilever, and foundation type. If you find that you need gutters, we recommend that you get at least three quotes from three gutter installers to compare prices and offers. A gutter installation service has the right equipment to evaluate the house model, the budget requirements and the safety equipment to install a gutter that will last. The general rule is to clean gutters at least twice a year, but more so if you have a lot of trees hanging above your house or if you live in an area that experiences a lot of storms.

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