Is it okay to have no gutters?

The gutters control the water that reaches the roof and direct it to a single flow that moves away from the house. Without gutters, water runoff may build up around the house, enter the foundation, and cause water damage over time. Some homes with particular qualities do not need gutters. A house without a basement or a house with excellent landscape drainage may not even need gutters.

Rain can fall from the roof of the entire house and slip off the walls, thanks to gravity. Rain gutters are the most controversial type of gutter. They are generally not required by law on a sloped roof, and many modern homes omit them, even where they are beneficial. To decide for yourself if rain gutters are necessary for your home, it's best to weigh the facts first.

While legislation doesn't require gutters to be necessary, they are necessary for most homeowners to prevent damage to their homes. Read below for some of the main reasons why gutters are needed. Many homebuyers discover too late that their new home may not need gutters. The truth is that building codes in many areas do not require gutters.

Whether or not a new house needs gutters depends mainly on the type of soil and foundation.

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