Is it worth it to install your own gutters?

Installing a gutter on your own may cost less than hiring a professional, but if the gutters are installed in the wrong location or are in the wrong style for your home or region, structural damage could result in the home over time. In terms of viable DIY projects, installing your gutters can be a challenge. If you're careful and determine the cost of materials ahead of time, you may be able to save money by installing your gutters on your own. However, if something goes wrong while you're at work or if you don't prepare your budget properly, the process can cost you much more than you'd expect.

Gutters are usually installed by professionals, but there's no reason you can't do it yourself. All materials and accessories are readily available at home centers, sawmills and roofing supply companies. And if you're going to replace your gutters and downspouts, you can also improve the entire look and performance of your rainwater system. Almost every full-service home center and hardware store sells gutters designed for easy installation.

But with just a little more work, you can use these same parts to assemble gutters and downspouts that are stronger and look better. You may be using an outdated or uncompatible browser. For the best possible experience, please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge to view this website. The following cost estimates are based on 150 linear feet of gutters in a single-story home.

Downspouts are required every 40 feet, so four downspouts are included in the estimate. The gutters are seamless or sectional. The seamless gutters are made of metal. They are manufactured and installed only by professional companies.

Meanwhile, the sectional gutters are made of metal or vinyl and can be installed by professionals or DIY enthusiasts. Nine out of 10 metal gutters are made of aluminum instead of steel, since aluminum is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. Seamless gutters, sometimes called continuous gutters, are metal gutters formed by the extrusion of large aluminum coils through a manufacturing machine. The gutter can be created with the exact length needed without having to join the sections of the gutter together.

The only joints are in the corners. Seamless gutters are very popular because leaks along the gutter are virtually eliminated halfway through the gutter. Since they can only be formed with a large machine mounted on a truck, professionals install seamless gutters. Aluminum gutters in prefabricated sections of 8 or 10 feet can be attached in the house to the desired length.

The sections are stitched with screws or rivets and with gutter sealant. At the ends, the sections are cut to size to fit in the corners. Sectional aluminum gutters can be installed by a professional gutter company, contractor, or homeowner. An advantage of sectional gutters is that the individual sections can be removed and replaced if damaged.

Meanwhile, seamless gutters require that the entire route be replaced. Vinyl sectional gutters are newer on the market than metal gutters. Vinyl gutters have the same size and side profile as metal gutters. Sectional vinyl gutters are easy to install because the material is easy to cut and drill.

Vinyl gutters are also much heavier than aluminum gutters, making them heavier in the house, especially when filled with water and leaves. Select a state to start with your free, no-obligation quote Although aluminum and vinyl are by far the most commonly installed gutter materials, some homes aesthetically require other materials. Copper starts bright and shiny and then oxidizes to an intense shade of green. Unlike steel, copper does not rust.

The green patina of copper is a good combination for older or more traditional homes. Galvalume gutters are made of steel with a coating that is approximately half aluminum and half zinc. The steel base gives galvalume gutters strength that surpasses aluminum gutters, and the neutral gray aluminum-zinc coating provides a rugged housing that protects against rust. Galvalume gutters are often combined with modern or contemporary homes.

The following table breaks down the range of the cost of replacing gutters if the company charges more for the removal and removal of the gutters, plus 15 feet of repair or replacement of the fascia. Water deposited on the ground by a downspout can be as harmful to the foundation of the house as having no gutters or downspouts. The solution is a downspout extension, a pipe above or below the ground that moves water between 3 and 40 feet away from the house. The lifespan of gutters depends on their area and the amount of rain, snow and debris that ends up in the gutters.

Frequency and level of maintenance are also important. You can expect most well-maintained aluminum gutter systems to last up to 20 years. It will generally be less expensive for you to install your gutters yourself. You reduce all labor costs and any surcharges associated with hiring professionals.

However, you may need to buy or rent some tools. Lee is a writer and content creator on home improvement. A professional home expert and avid DIYer, he has decades of experience fixing and writing about houses. When she's not wielding a drill or hammer, Lee loves to unravel difficult topics for readers from a variety of media outlets.

Samantha is an editor who covers all home-related topics, including home improvements and repairs. He edited home repair and design content on websites such as The Spruce and HomeAdvisor. He has also presented videos on DIY tips and solutions for the home and has launched several home improvement review boards with licensed professionals. Here, we'll show you how to install semicircular reproduction gutters, which are exact replicas of the size and style of gutters found in old houses.

If your gutters start to leak, you may end up paying repair costs in addition to what you already paid to install the gutters yourself. And if you want a gutter design or color that's out of the ordinary, you won't be hampered by the limited options that any gutter installer presents. It's important to ensure that the gutter hangers that hold the gutters aren't too far apart when installing them at home. .


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